Step by Step on How Tyro Works


 (1a) First you need to visit  Then Click on Sign up.



(1b) Sign up

  • You can easily sign up by using face book or just fill in your information and open your email to confirm your sign up on Tyro.

2- Find

(2a)  Now Browse the list of instructors available for the course you need

  • Select the Course you want to learn from the category & the field of study related to this course.
  • You can add additional search fields to your search that would make it easier to filter your instructor like: Day & time that’s suitable for you. Advanced settings are also available for further search filters like ( price & Gender )


3- Chat

(3a) Click on each instructors profile to View & Chat with them to make sure you chose the right match for your needs.



4- Book

(4a) you are now settled on one of the instructors, the next step is to book your session.

  • Select the number of lessons you would like to purchase then click purchase now.



(4b) Payment

  • Now select one of the 3 payment methods; Credit card, Fawry or Vodafone Cash to proceed your payment, or if you’ve previously added Funds to your wallet, you can use them Now.



(4c) The Next step is to Schedule the session you booked, Go to my session, this is where you can manage all your sessions.


(4D)Schedule your sessions.



(5a) you’re done booking, now you will need to wait for the instructor to confirm your schedule, you will then get a notification before each session starts.  Once it’s time for your Class select go to my session from the notification centre.



(5b) Conduct your session 

  • Prepare your laptop, Tablet or Mobile, and then connect to your session by using our interactive white Dashboard, Allowing you to Video/Audio chat , Text & Draw notes, upload document, screen shot your dashboard & share screens with your preferred instructor.